Mandevilla (syn. Dipladenia)

Mandevillas are tropical and subtropical vines native to Central and South America where over 160 species can be found. They are mainly evergreen tender perennial climbers which need winter protection.

It is mostly cultivars which are available in general cultivation throughout Europe.  They can have long flowering periods and give an abundance of blooms which makes them an ever popular choice of plant.

The colours of the flowers are mainly red, pink, white or yellow. Mandevilla ‘Cream Pink’ and Mandevilla ‘Sundaville Red’ are both good flowering examples. Mandevilla ‘Alice du Pont’ is one of the oldest cultivars dating back to 1960.

There is only one variety which will tolerate being grown outside in sheltered locations in the British Isles and that is Mandevilla laxa (Chilean Jasmine). This is a deciduous vine which produces masses of white, delightfully scented flowers throughout the summer.

Mandevillas can be grown in the conservatory or make excellent patio plants producing masses of flowers from late spring to autumn. Once outside temperatures start to drop below 8°C, it is advisable to take them undercover for winter protection.

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