Most Jasmine can be contained to a manageable size to suit your requirements.
There are many varieties which are best pot grown and taken under cover (unheated greenhouse/conservatory) for the winter, for example Jasminum azoricum, Jasminum sambac and Jasminum angulare.

There are some varieties which need a heated greenhouse/conservatory or can be quite happily grown as a house plant all year round, for example Jasminum adenophyllum, Jasminum nitidum and Jasminum rex.

Many varieties (both species and cultivars) are suitable for growing outside in the British Isles Jasminum officinale is probably the most common found in gardens with Jasminum officinale ‘Clotted Cream’, Jasminum x stephanense and Jasminum nudiflorum different examples.

In the garden Jasmine will grow well in most good soils in either full sun or partial shade. They prefer a well drained soil but care should be taken not to let them dry out during hot periods as this could affect flowering.

Although not all are scented, Jasmine can give you the most wonderful, colourful and aromatic displays.

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